Preparing for the New Year: Setting Goals and Resolutions

2015 is officially here and, whether or not you believe in New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely that you’ve spent some time thinking about your health and fitness goals and planning how you will reach those goals. Here are some tips as you set your fitness goals for 2015.

#1  -- Be Specific

“I want to lose weight” or “I want to exercise more” are vague and are not effective.

Examples of specific goals that are measurable:  “I want to lose 10 pounds by March 30th” or “I want to take at least 3 spinning classes/week at SPIRE” are specific and measurable goals that will keep you on track in 2015.

#2 – Don’t Do the Same Thing As Last Year

Running on the treadmill for 20 minutes three times per week didn’t work last year, so why do you think this year will be any different? Mix it up and find something that keeps you inspired and challenges your body in different ways. SPIRE offers a number of different class types (cycling, rowing and yoga) exactly for this reason. Make it a goal to hit at least two different class types each week. This will keep your workouts interesting and your body working in different ways.

#3 – Track Your Progress

Check and track your weight weekly. Monitor your weekly check-ins at SPIRE. Regularly holding yourself accountable will keep you focused on the immediate while ensuring you continue to make progress toward your larger goal.  

#4 – Adjust Along the Way

Don’t be afraid to adjust on the fly. Give yourself an extra month to hit the mark if you need. Life always presents unexpected challenges. The important thing is that you maintain focus and keep working toward your goal.

The New Year is special. It’s a unique time of the year when you really feel that you have a fresh start, a new beginning. SPIRE was built with the goal to help improve people’s health and make “going to the gym” a fun and motivating experience. We hope you make the most of the opportunity to start anew in 2015.  

Best wishes for a healthy and fulfilling 2015! Now get out there and perSPIRE!