Tips For Attending Your First Indoor Cycling Class at SPIRE


SPIRE's indoor cycling workout, also referred to as spinning class, is set to energizing music and delivers an incredible cardio workout. The SPIRE RIDE is open to all fitness levels and is designed to strengthen and tone your thighs, glutes, calves and core while burning maximum calories (more than 500 calories in a 45 minute class!). Here are a few tips before heading into your first spin class.

What to Bring to SPIRE

Water Bottle: You’ll work up a good sweat during class, so bring a water bottle with you or purchase one at the Studio. We have filtered water so you can fill up here.

Wear Cycling Shorts or Yoga Capris (suggested):  You’ll be spending 45 minutes in and out of the saddle. Cycling shorts, yoga capris/leggings or spandex with regular workout shorts on top provide the most comfort.

Cycling Shoes (optional):  Regular athletic shoes work just fine, but if you have cleated cycling shoes, bring them! Our bikes fit SPD or LOOK-style shoe cleats.

Heart Rate Monitor (optional):  Our bikes will pick up most heart rate monitors (Garmin is one brand that works) so you can track your workout and monitor your heart rate at different intensities.

Before You Arrive

Hydrate: You’ll work up a good sweat in class, so be sure to drink water before, during and after class.

Eat:  Ideally you will be somewhere between meals. You don’t want to feel full but you don’t want to be empty and without energy.

Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early:  Especially if it’s your first time, plan to arrive early so you can get set up without being rushed.


Bring a Towel and Water Bottle Into Class:  You’ll be sweating, so grab one of our towels and a full water bottle before you head in.

Ask For Help With Your Bike Setup:  Let the instructor know that it’s your first time at SPIRE and you’ll get help with your bike setup. Don’t be shy. This is important so that you have a comfortable ride.

Controlling Your Resistance: That red knob down between your hands…that controls the amount of resistance you’ll be working with. Turn it to the right to increase the resistance. Turn it to the left to decrease resistance. The instructor will guide you on what to do when, but you ultimately control the resistance.

Pace Yourself:  It’s your first time; enjoy yourself, the music and the energy. Don’t push too hard at the very beginning, we’d rather see you put out a good effort for the entire class. And if you are feeling strong, you’ll always have an opportunity to “empty the tank” at the end of class.

After Class:

Stretch and Hydrate:  Take a couple minutes after spinning class to stretch out and drink more water. This will help to speed up your recovery and reduce tightness/soreness in your muscles.

Eat:  Be sure to refuel to replenish your body and help in the recovery process so you’ll be ready for your next class.


Now you’re all set and ready to ride. Each instructor teaches a slightly different ride. Be sure to try out different instructors and classes so you can figure out which ones you like the best.

If you want a few more tips before taking spin class (and a good laugh), check out BuzzFeed’s article here