Loosen Up…Why You Need a Yoga Class Today

The SPIRE RIDE and CREW classes are awesome for so many reasons – you burn a ton of calories, you build lean muscle, and you improve your endurance, strength and aerobic capacity. Both spinning and rowing classes deliver a great workout, one that you may be left with tight or sore muscles the next day. This is where yoga comes in. 


Enhanced Recovery

Yoga will help to ease tightness by re-lengthening your muscles to restore muscle length and improve circulation to speed up your recovery. Each SPIRE Yoga class is open to all levels and abilities. During class we work through different poses and explore different stretches to help open your body and lengthen your muscles. Yoga will enhance your recovery leaving you fresh and ready for your next workout. But wait, there are many more reasons to work yoga into your regular routine.


Additional Benefits of Yoga

Indoor cycling and indoor rowing are really great workouts, and we believe that yoga ties everything together. No matter your age, your physical capabilities, your current weight or your fitness goals, you should be doing yoga. There are so many benefits associated with regular yoga practice above and beyond just enhancing your muscle recovery.


Physical Benefits:

·       Increases flexibility

·       Greater full body strength, especially the often-overlooked stabilizer muscles

·       Improves balance and coordination

·       Improves posture

·       Fixes muscular imbalances

·       Decreases chance of injury

·       Burns calories

·       Enhances cardiovascular system

·       Tones muscles

·       Improves circulation

·       Lowers blood pressure


Mental and Emotional Benefits:

·       Reduces stress

·       Improves mood

·       Increases energy

·       Enhances focus

·       Improves sleep



So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a yoga class today and start working yoga into your weekly routine!