Tell us more about you. Where are you from? What brought you to Milwaukee?

I lived in Racine, Wisconsin for all of my life, until moving to Milwaukee to attend school at UWM. I received my degree there in organizational administration and I am an office manager at an investment firm. I absolutely love Milwaukee!

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique. What has your journey been like? Besides indoor cycling, what other fitness activities do you do?

I’ve been athletic for my entire life. I used to dance, swim, run and cheerlead in high school. In the last four years I’ve really gotten into cycling: road bikes and cyclocross, specifically. Just last week, I competed in the Cyclocross State Championships - Category Four - in Waterloo, Wisconsin. I am also a part of TRI-WI, which is Wisconsin’s triathlon team. This last summer, I participated in three sprint-distance triathlons. Going forward, I would really like to try a half iron man or Olympic triathlon.

Oh.. I also skateboard!

We’re curious, what brought you to spire?

I came to the grand opening of SPIRE in October of last year. Hubie teaches fitness classes where I work and had invited me to attend. I had such a blast! My experience the first time at SPIRE is just like any other: a great workout and incredibly fun. I love the high energy and upbeat music.

For the New Year, I decided to get a monthly membership. This was the first gym I’ve committed to where I paid for a membership and used it all the time! I really wanted to stay in shape through winter so that when it was cycling season once again, I wouldn’t have to start my training once it was warm outside. SPIRE helped get me ready to start my long rides once again in June.

Plus, I liked to come on Monday nights and head across the street to The Irish Pub for a burger and beer afterward (and I still do)!

Do you have a favorite class?

I’m an avid fan of Danielle’s Rhythm Ride and Melissa’s Ride (+), but they’re all so great!

What is your favorite music to work out to?

Anything that is upbeat and high energy. Sometimes I would come to SPIRE so tired after work, but always found myself leaving and feeling re-energized.

Favorite post workout snack?

Anytime after I cycle, I crave beer. I also love peanut butter and bagels, proteins and pizza.

Any Milwaukee food favorites?

There are so many! I love custard, and there are plenty of locations for that. Other great eats are Nessun Dorma and Tenuta's. But truthfully, I like to cook more than I like going out to eat.

In life, who inspires you?

My cyclist friends. They make it easy to want to get out on my bike. Eileen Seeger, who is a cyclist on The Velo Femmes team in Milwaukee – she is so motivational to me. But also, I would say that I inspire myself!

What is your favorite way to relax?

Cooking, sitting with a glass of wine, listening to music, and of course riding my bike outside.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is looking to take classes at SPIRE?

Just get over the initial fear of trying something new. No matter how it goes, it will benefit you in one way or another. You will realize that it wasn’t so scary. Who knows, you may develop a passion for it.