This is Kate! She is passionate and driven, especially when it comes to fitness. 

Tell me about yourself! Where are you from and live now? Where did you attend college? What was your major? Outside of SPIRE, where do you work?

I’m originally from Kenosha, WI. I’ve also lived in Madison, WI and Washington, DC. I’m currently on Milwaukee’s east side. UW Madison Class of 2011. Double major in History and Latin American, Caribbean, & Iberian Studies (LACIS). I work at Uline, a shipping & industrial supply company, as the International Supervisor in the Back-order Department.

What excites you most about becoming an instructor?

Helping people set and achieve goals, and realize their potential. I want everyone to leave my class feeling good and like they got in a great workout.

Other than rowing, what kind of workouts do you do?

I do CrossFit 3-5 times per week, practice yoga, and run.  I have run the Ragnar Relay in Tennessee and Chicago, and I completed my first marathon this year.  

What is your favorite post-workout?

A cold chocolate protein shake and a warm shower.

What song pumps you up the most?

I Don't F**k With You by Big Sean

What is your go-to MKE restaurant?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Starship Troopers. Rotten Tomatoes may say “63%”, but my heart says “100%”.

What are some of your current goals?

Fitness: I am currently working towards a 305# dead lift and a 150# clean & jerk.  I am also trying to cut down my 5k pace by 0:15/mile.
Professionally: I’m trying to learn SQL this spring, with the goal of enrolling in and completing a course by June.
Personally: I have started meditating in the past few months, and I am trying to make it a habit to set aside 15 minutes to meditate every day.

Who inSPIREs you?

My mom and my grandma are my biggest inspirations. They are strong, caring, passionate women who push me to be a better version of myself.

What are your words of inspiration?

“Love is saying “yes” to what is.” - Richard Rohr

A reminder to accept, value, and appreciate yourself and those you love for who they are - faults and imperfections included.

What is your favorite TV show?

I’m currently trying to get everyone I know to watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix - so I’d say that’s my favorite TV show. Seriously, stop reading this and go watch it - Cillian Murphy is amazing, and Tom Hardy is the best villain ever in season 2.


Jason Segel

What is your favorite workout brand?

I am unashamedly addicted to all Nike clothing.

If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do and where would you go?

I would probably go backpacking from the East Coast to the West Coast - including on the Appalachian Trail, in Grand Teton National Park, in Glacier National Park, and on the Pacific Crest Trail.  

Do you have an Instagram?

I’m on instagram! Check out the obnoxious pictures of food I’m about to eat! @k8gu

A few more fun facts about Kate...

I’m a giant nerd with an undying love for Sci-Fi & Fantasy, board games, and history.  I have been getting into meditation and philosophy lately. I am a vegan and was vegetarian for 5 years - I am always happy to talk about vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and to share recipes!