Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Rowing

Two interesting things about the indoor rower, or “erg”:  1) every gym seems to have at least one; 2) you’ll almost never see someone using it. 

CrossFit seems to have dusted off this proven machine and some are now calling it “the New Spinning”.

SPIRE has taken this often overlooked piece of equipment and brought it front and center in a workout we call SPIRE CREW. If you haven’t tried this class yet, take a moment and sign up for one now. All set? Great, continue reading to find out the top benefits from this awesome class.


1.  Total Body Workout

Despite what you think you know about rowing, this is not an upper body workout. The indoor rower works nine major muscle groups – hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, lats, core, biceps, triceps and shoulders. The workload is estimated to work 60% legs, 20% core and 20% upper body. The result? You’ll get a stronger body, toning your body and lengthening your muscles. Which leads us to our next benefit…


2.  Aerobic Workout

Since you are working your entire body during a rowing workout, your heart and lungs will need to work harder to push blood and oxygen out to fuel your effort. As a result, you’ll receive a solid cardio workout that will get you sweating and keep your heart healthy and strong.


3.  Burn Calories (a lot of them!)

Cardio + strength endurance = major calorie burn! Research shows that rowing burns 10-15% more calories than spinning. A 45 minute SPIRE CREW class can burn 800+ calories! Rowing machines are such high calorie burners because you are working both your upper and lower body, while maintaining an elevated heart rate. Go ahead, earn your pint of Ben & Jerry’s! Well, almost :)


4.  Low Impact Workout

Once you sit and try one of our rowers, you’ll see first-hand how smooth the machine is and how gently the movement is on your joints. There is no pressure on your knees or your back. In fact, many athletes will use the rower as tool for cross-training, injury prevention and even injury rehab.


5.  Anyone Can Do It!

Literally. This machine has been used by clients ranging from 10 to 94 years old. SPIRE has had hard-bodied college athletes as well as complete newbies that have never sat down on a rowing machine. Feel free to come in a few minutes early before class and we’ll help you get set up in the machine so you are comfortable. The technique is pretty easy to pick up. Before you know it, you’ll be wishing it were summer so you could be out on the water!


Sign up for one of SPIRE’s CREW classes today and check it out for yourself!