Instructor Profile: Melissa

Melissa teaches SPIRE Ride (+) class at SPIRE on Tuesday evening at 7:05pm and Friday morning at 6:00am. You can follow Melissa on Twitter @m_land24 and Instagram @melissalandsee.

Tell us about yourself. 

Originally from Middleton, WI, I moved to MKE this past June for my first "big girl" job with Kohl's Corporate. I graduated from the UW School of Business in May and hit the ground running with my move right after.  When I'm not at Spire I'm probably at my day job, running, eating, or sleeping. Most of my days are pretty consistent, workout, work, eat, sleep, repeat. When I have some free time I love to read and spend time outside, but only when the temperature is higher than my age. 

Did / Do you compete in any type of sport or activity?

Just like my parents, I was an athlete at UW (track and field), but was sidelined after two years by injuries. After I stopped running I started teaching spinning at a company called Cyc Fitness in Madison and fell completely in love with it. 

What made you decide to become an instructor?

After I was told I couldn't sprint anymore I was heartbroken. It felt like I had lost a part of who I was, I didn't know what to do. Instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself I joined a ton of clubs and tried different activities to fill my newfound free time. I started going to a spinning studio, I had heard that spinning was able to give me the same cardio benefits as HIIT sprinting would; I instantly fell in love with it. I started just going to classes, and then became a brand rep for the studio on campus, and after about six months trained to become an instructor. I decided that if I could make people leave my class feeling half as good as I did leaving one, I would be able to make a difference in someone's day.

What makes your class different from others?

My class is very musically driven; I let people know what types of metrics they can look to on the monitor during class, but it isn't always my main focus. I never use the same playlist twice. I like to have people motivated and energized through the music that I pick. I spend a lot of time prepping for each class to make sure people leave with something new, whether it be a new section in class or song to look up when they get home. 

What certifications do you have?

Schwinn Master Trainer Certification 

What does your personal fitness program include?

Aside from teaching I run, a lot. I love going on long runs outside during the warmer weather months and losing track of time and distance of how far I've gone. I also have been known to spend a lot of time on stair climbers, definitely a great way to build up a sweat fast. A couple days a week I also do weight training too to keep muscles I don't always use during cardio strong. 

Favorite post workout treat?

Strawberry-banana smoothie loaded with spinach and kale. 

What’s the one thing most people don’t know about you?

When I was growing up I figure skated for ten years, most people don't suspect me to be a girl in favor of sparkles and fringe; skating had a LOT of that. 

What’s your favorite drink?

Vodka soda with a lot of lime. 

What is your favorite movie?

Stereotypical girl answer, but I love How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, it just never gets old. 

What inSPIREs you?

Helping people; if I can turn around one person's day because of something I said in class or a specific song I used, then all the time and energy I put into making my class is more than worth it. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Milwaukee?

I haven't been here long enough to have a favorite yet, but I end up at Bel-Air on a lot of Tuesdays for taco night.

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Hmmm....a whole lot of nothing right now! I need to go to the grocery store, but typically there are hard boiled eggs, turkey, V8 strawberry-banana juice, vanilla greek yogurt, carrots, hummus, and a lot of frozen veggie steamer bags. I'm pretty routine when it comes to grocery shopping.