Question:   Tell us about yourself.

Answer:  I grew up in West Allis and attended high school in Wind Lake. I rowed throughout high school and continued throughout college at the University of Iowa. After graduating, I moved back home and began to coach at Milwaukee Rowing Club as the assistant girl’s coach.  Additionally, I am currently studying for the Therapeutic Recreation Certification exam. I enjoy being outdoors and staying active, remaining busy is something I enjoy!

Question:   Did / Do you compete in any type of sport or activity?

Answer:  Before I discovered rowing I played softball, volleyball and swam. But once I began rowing, I was hooked. With minimal experience late in high school I was recruited to row in college and loved the high level of competition day in and day out. I rowed all 4 years of college.

Question:   What made you decide to become an instructor?

Answer:  The opportunity to bring my passion for rowing to a broader audience really intrigued me. I quickly realized that instructing classes at SPIRE is very similar to coaching. Being able to introduce, instruct and work through a workout with a diverse group of people brings a whole new level of energy to the experience!

Question:   What makes your class different from others?

Answer:  My passion for rowing is endless. I believe the sport can offer so much to an individual as it forces you to tap into your body awareness and efficiently utilize yourself each and every stroke.

Question:   What certifications do you have?

Answer:  First Aid and CPR; CPI training

Question:   What does your personal fitness program include?

Answer:  Mixture of cardio: running and of course erging! I also enjoy spinning and running stairs and a combination of lifting circuits of interval work and heavier lifting and core work.

Question:   Favorite post workout treat?

Answer:  Chocolate milk

Question:   What’s the one thing most people don’t know about you?

Answer:  I am a lefty. Also, I broke records in college my first year on my rowing team for our testing pieces.

Question:   Do you have a motto?

Answer:  Clear your mind of can’t and make progress today

Question:   What’s your favorite drink?


Answer:  Lipton Diet Iced Green Tea and Water

Question:   What is your favorite book? Movie?

Answer:  Currently reading Boat in the Boat and it is a great book! Remember the Titans would be my movie choice.

Question:   What inspires you?

Answer:  Seeing progress and improvement, it does not always show as quickly as one would like but with a consistent pursuit to become a better person

Question:   What is your favorite restaurant in Milwaukee?

Answer:  Stubby’s

Question:   What is in your refrigerator right now?

Answer:  Cheese, Fresh veggies, eggs, fruit, milk, and fresh meat (chicken and steak)

Question:   If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?


Answer:  I would travel all over the world and see new places. Also visit the national parks around the US. Backpack in Europe, explore Ireland, Alaska, Australia and Italy.

Question:   What else would you like to share about yourself?

Answer:  I have traveled more places for rowing competitions than I have for vacation. One day I’d like to go on a road trip and revisit all the places I have traveled to for rowing.

Question:   What is your favorite song to get pumped up?

Answer:  high energy electronic and house music

Question:   What is your twitter handle? Instagram?

Answer: Same name for both Twitter and Instagram on both accounts! Personal: krolldozer    Milwaukee Rowing Club: mkerowing