Instructor Spotlight: Kelly


Question: Tell me about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Milwaukee? When you are not at SPIRE, what else keeps you busy?
Answer: I was born in Iowa but ended up moving to Milwaukee when I was 11 when my father became Chancellor at UW-Milwaukee. Five years later we moved again when my dad became the President at the University of Oklahoma.  I ended up moving back to Milwaukee on my own after graduating from OU with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. 

Question: Did / Do you compete in any type of sport or activity?
Answer: I was a gymnast growing up and competed at the high school level. It made me extremely nervous though. 

Question: What made you decide to become an instructor?
Answer: I started teaching aerobics in college at the age of 18. I enjoyed motivating people and the camaraderie and friendships that develop are what has kept me leading classes ever since. 

Question: What makes your class different from others?
Answer: I like to really get to know my participants. Knowing their goals, passions and simply everyday lifestyle intrigues me. I'm a people person and like to hear about people's lives - both in fitness, but more importantly, their life outside the gym. 

Question: What certifications do you have?
Answer: Schwinn Cycling MPower (with wattage) Instructor Certification, CPR and AED

Question: What does your personal fitness program include?
Answer: I work out six days a week - incorporating weight lifting and cardio. 

Question: Favorite post workout meal?
Answer: Skim milk with Ovaltine or egg whites with salsa. 

Question: What’s the one thing most people don’t know about you?
Answer: I like to work on my artwork whenever I can. 

Question: Do you have a motto?
Answer: If you're not in the mood to work out, try. Give it 20 minutes, and if you're still not feeling it, you gave it the old college try.

Question: What’s your favorite drink?
Answer: Ummmmmm . . . white wine . . . busted!

Question: What is your favorite book? Movie?
Answer: Eeek - I have a lot. Book: "The Alienist". Movie: "Bambi" - if it has to be an adult movie - "Out of Africa".

Question: What inspires you?
Answer: My husband. He has endured and continues to fight many health issues. He fights his battles by eating well and working out regularly - and by constantly having a positive attitude. His workout regimen isn't extreme, simply consistent. It would have been very easy for him to give up many times, but he didn't. 

Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Milwaukee?
Answer: Conejito's, hands down

Question: What is in your refrigerator right now?
Answer: Naughtiness; but in my defense, I have two boys at home - 16 and 19. 

Question: If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
Answer: I would love to have a ranch in Southwest Colorado dedicated to helping abused horses and dogs.

Question: What else would you like to share about yourself?
Answer: I take my class very seriously, and very much appreciate feedback - whether it's positive or negative. I am always wanting and looking to improve. 

Question: What is your favorite song to get pumped up?
Answer: Horndog by Overseer