Hubie is our fitness professional at SPIRE! He is a fitness guru who always has a smile on his face! Join his class on Tuesday at 5:30 a.m. and Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

Question: Tell me about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Milwaukee? When you are not at SPIRE, what else keeps you busy?

Answer:  I’m a local guy, have been here my whole life. I’m from Cudahy and was a Recreation and Administration Major with a Health Education Minor at UW-Lacrosse.

I love Milwaukee. I’ve been all around the country and really love home. All the festivals and the change of seasons make Milwaukee such a great place. I have a wife and two children – a son and a daughter.


Question:   Did / Do you compete in any type of sport or activity?

Answer:  I have done more than 300 multisport events over my career, including three ironman finishes, a couple Triple Ts, numerous marathons and all distances in-between. I’m focused on training for the National Championship in the Olympic Distance held in Milwaukee in August.

 Question:   What made you decide to become an instructor?

Answer:  I played collegiate tennis. That was and is my passion – I still love to play any chance I can. After school I started working at Health Club and have been in the industry ever since.

 Question:   What makes your class different from others?

Answer:  The energy that I bring to each class serves as a real positive inspiration and motivation to the class. I just love fitness and the opportunity to push others and act as the leader during the workout. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty – I’m right there and want to work hard and hammer it right next to you to keep you going hard.

 Question:   What certifications do you have?


Answer:  Schwinn; CPR certified; AFA certified; Group Fitness AFA

 Question:   What does your personal fitness program include?

Answer:  I’m always mixing it up – which is why I believe I’ve stayed healthy and injury free. Outside of class, I swim, run, cycle outside and strength train. I also play tennis to mix up things up and cross train.

 Question:   Favorite post workout treat?

Answer:  On Sundays, I love Bavarian cream filled doughnut with coffee. Also, I’m a big IPA guy when it's drinking season.

 Question:   What’s the one thing most people don’t know about you?

Answer:  A lot of people think I’m from California and don’t think I’m married and have kids. I guess it’s the vibe that I give off. It is true that when I was 19 years old I went on a two month trip in a VW van with some friends out to California. That trip really influenced my attitude and outlook for life.

 Question:   Do you have a motto?

Answer:  Consistency. Train and live consistently. It’s all about consistently – you have to be consistent to reach your goals.

Question:   What’s your favorite drink?

Answer:  IPA

Question:   What is your favorite movie?

Answer:  Terminator. Love it. I could watch it over and over.

Question:   What inspires you?

Answer:  My family. My students in all my classes (especially anybody who gets up for 5:30am is super inspiring!). Life!

Question:   What is your favorite restaurant in Milwaukee?

Answer:  Conejito’s

 Question:   What is in your refrigerator right now?

Answer:  Strawberries, regular milk, chocolate milk, ham, turkey and string cheese, apples. There are some chia and hemp seeds and then cod liver oil.

 Question:   If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?

Answer:  Exactly what I’m doing right now – working out and helping others improve their health and fitness is everything that I love to do.

 Question:   What else would you like to share about yourself?

Answer:  Train consistently and enjoy the ride of life!

 Question:   What are a few of your favorite songs to get pumped up?

Answer: Arctic Monkies – R U Mine?

Rob Zombie – Superbeast

Pearl Jam

Foo Fighters