5 Reasons why you should be wearing cycling shoes.

Do you ever wonder why people wear clip-in shoes when cycling? Since when did Velcro shoes become a big trend? You may have asked yourself, is there really a big difference between cycling shoes and your regular tennis shoes? It's time to make the switch and wear cycling shoes. Here are five reasons why:

1. It's a different work out

Cycling shoes help engage the hamstrings better than cages/tennis shoes do. They make it easier to repeat the pull-up motion when cycling. You may walk out of your next workout and feel sore in different areas of your legs!

Beyond that, cycling shoes offer more balance to your work out because their flat platforms support your whole foot.

2. You are using more muscle mass

When you push with your quads and pull up with your hamstrings, more muscles become activated. Meaning, better looking legs!

3. They can help delay fatigue

If you are only pushing down when you cycle, you most definitely will be exhausted by the time that first hill track starts. Remember and repeat: push, pull, push, pull.

4. You will generate more power

When you use your maximum effort, your speed and power improve and so does your overall cycling performance. This power will translate into other aspects of your life as well!


5. More muscle mass = more tone and more calories burned

That’s right ladies and gents, not only will you feel stronger, you are going to look stronger and burn MORE calories as well. Tone up your legs one rotation at a time. 

Stronger muscles, delayed fatigue, better performance, healthier self-- talk about complete training response! Don’t want to buy your own cycling shoes? SPIRE has you covered! We have cycling shoes available for $2 rentals.