TRX Challenge Move of the Month: Single Leg Squat

New month, new challenge. In September, you all impressed us with your pike skills! This month we want to focus on strong, sexy legs. October's TRX Challenge Move of the Month is the single leg squat! This movement will challenge your lower body and core. This move takes strength and stability, as well as hip, knee, and ankle mobility. Whoa! 

Pistol Squat with TRX

Pistol Squat with TRX

The Options

Level 1: Single Leg Squat on TRX

Level 2: Single Leg, Single Arm Squat (handles in one hand)

Level 3: Single Leg Squat no TRX

Level 4: Pistol Squat on TRX

Level 5: Single Leg Squat Roll Up

Level 6: Pistol Squat no TRX


The Pistol Versus the Single-Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat with TRX

Single Leg Squat with TRX

The former is any squat on one leg where your hip crease is just above your knee crease. It doesn’t matter what your front leg is doing. 

The pistol, on the other hand, is a rock-bottom squat on one leg where your hamstring rests on your calf and your other leg is straight out in front of you.

Correct Form

  • Drive through heel
  • Booty drops down (elevator, not escalator) 
  • Other leg is either extended out or in a kickstand position
  • Core is active
  • Extend hips to return to standing
  • Leg centered to anchor point
  • Eyes forward

Now that you know the moves, it's time to get out there and try them! Get ready to squat all they way through October.