inSPIREd Member: Hanna Jeske

1.     Where are you from?

I’m from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and I came to Milwaukee to go to school at UW-Milwaukee. I graduated in 2014, and stayed because I love the city’s great culture and community.

2.     What brought you to SPIRE?


I used to run by the river, where I would see the Marquette team rowing. I got really interested and started looking into rowing options in Milwaukee, which is how I discovered SPIRE. My first crew class was last November with Ira, on Black Friday. I’ve been hooked ever since!

3.     What keeps you coming back to SPIRE?

I knew that I wanted to be more active besides running, and I really like crew, plus the studio and the vibe.

4.     What’s your favorite class at SPIRE?

I feel the strongest in SPIRE Crew. But I like how upbeat and challenging cycling can be. I like them all.

5.     Is there anything you enjoy doing for fitness outside of SPIRE?

I run races with my dad. We live in different cities, so I don’t train with him, but we do about six races a year.

6.     When you’re not working out, what are some of your hobbies?

I love to cook. I love to go thrifting, maybe inspired by my time working at Goodwill after graduating.

7.     What’s your job now?

Currently, I’m an administrative assistant for the sheet metal union, but soon I’ll actually be leaving to travel Asia for a year.

8.     Wow, tell us about that! What inspired you to go live in Asia for a year?

It’s something that my boyfriend and I have always wanted to do. He’s my travel inspiration. Asia’s so big, and I feel like there’s so much you can see, from mountains and beaches to deserts and jungles. I volunteer with refugees, and I want to use my time in Asia to gain a cultural perspective and hopefully volunteer there too. I’d also love to see the world, go scuba-diving and hiking.

9.     What’s the coolest place you’ve been?

There’s a super tiny island in Croatia called Vis. The part that we stayed in, Komiza, was less touristy and more of a fisherman’s town. One day my boyfriend and I rented a kayak and we just kayaked for the whole day, and had a beautiful dinner. It felt like heaven!

10.  Anywhere else you’ve traveled that you want to mention?

Everyone should go to Istanbul. And I think everyone should see Berlin.

11.  When you’re not traveling, how do you like to relax?

By coming to SPIRE! I also use cooking as a form of relaxation, and I like to read.

12.  Do you have a favorite book?

“Kitchens of the Great Midwest” by J Ryan.

13.  Something you really love about Milwaukee?

There’s so much! There’s just too much to say about Milwaukee. I love that there’s so many different neighborhoods, from The East Side to Brady Street.

14.  Do you have a favorite quote?

Melissa said this in class: "You were able to believe in Santa Clause for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 more minutes."

15.  What’s your post-workout routine?

If I work out in the morning, my post-workout routine revolves around coffee. Other than that, just relaxing.

16.  What advice would you give a SPIRE first-timer?

I think just to keep going, because you’ll just continuously surprise yourself, and fall in love with the community and the process.