Instructor Profile: Caitlin

1.     Tell us about yourself—Where are you from and what brought you to Milwaukee?

I am from St. Louis, but came up to Milwaukee for undergrad at Marquette and just stuck around after that. 

2.     What got you interested in indoor cycling?

I found that exercise is a great way form to recharge, clear my head and de-stress. Cycle classes are a great outlet for that- I love the group energy, the music, the lights! You feel great after, and it always goes so fast. 

3.     What kind of music can guests look forward to in your classes?

I like a variety, so you can expect some random oldies/90's jams mixed in. But, my favorite genre is indie/alternative. I love songs with a little bit of funk, and a great beat. Bonus points if it's fun to shake your booty to :)


4.     Outside of SPIRE, what do you do to get a good workout in?

On days off, I really enjoy going on super long walks. I live near Lake Park, so it's fun to just wander around the trails/neighborhoods and enjoy nature.

 5.     What a pet peeve you have?

Wet shoes on a tile floor... just thinking about it makes me cringe!  

6.     If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Oh man, everything I'm coming up with here is sounding like I'm running for Miss America! But, I guess if I had to pick three wishes that were just for me they would be: 1) I would love to be able to sleep anywhere/through anything and only need like three hours of sleep. 2) I mean, having endless funds would be nice. But, I wouldn't want to be unemployed, I like having things to do. Here's is what would be cool- I could just teach and paint all day. Yeah, that would be nice. 3) The ability to get anywhere in the world really fast. And to be able to bring people with me. Weekend in New Zealand? No problem! Let's go. 

7.     What motivated you to become an instructor?

I’ve loved cycling classes for about 10 years now, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. Mostly, it just is exciting and fun!

8.     What motivates you to keep pushing hard, especially in the gym?

 I wish I had a better answer for this but honestly, I think it’s just that I’m a little Type-A. I want to do my best.

9.     What is some of the greatest advice you have received?

"All things in moderation, including moderation"

10.     What is an interesting or unique fact about you that many people don’t know?

 I’m a twin. He’s a boy… we are not identical. My dad wanted to name him Emmet, since it’s our last name backwards. My mom keboshed that pretty fast.

11.    What is your favorite workout clothing and/or brand?

Besides THE lululemon, I’m a big fan of Alo. I also like Onzie, they have super fun patterns for leggings.

12.    What is your spirit animal and why?

The quokka. Not necessarily because I think we have a lot of traits in common, but mostly because they are just always so HAPPY and they make me happy.

13.    If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? 

 Right now, I'm really antsy to go to Vietnam/ Thailand. However, there are SO many places I still want to travel to! 


14.    Where is your happy place?

 I have a lot of happy places. I’ve found that anywhere with good friends and family tends to be a pretty happy place. 

15.    What are you looking forward to as an instructor at SPIRE?

 Besides the coveted lululemon instructor discount? I joke. Kind of.  Really, I’m looking forward to doing events like Bike and Brunch and just getting to be more involved with the SPIRE community!