Drafting while cycling is a time to focus in on the ride and your form. It’s a time to put all energy and thoughts into the move, and bring your awareness internally. Here is a quick drafting 101 lesson to show you why incorporating a hill draft into your ride is beneficial.


1)  Flat back, core engaged. 

  • Tilt your pelvis backwards in order to lift your tail bone up (as displayed above)                

2)  Chest open, shoulder blades pulled together

  • Think "good posture"

3)  Hips back over the saddle

  • Can use a strong hold onto handle bars to counter resistance

4)  Neutral neck

  • Notice how Melissa's head (above) is strong and forward, not relaxed and hanging low. 


1)  It’s a time to sit back, relax, and meditate in a sense. You’re able to reflect on your week, your workout, and where they want to take the rest of the class. It’s a moment for self-love and a time to build up before using a lot of energy.

2)  It is a simple, controlled move that allows people the time and space to focus on improving their form.

3)  It’s a great glute-targeted move; hello great butt!


What muscles are being used?

1)  EVERYTHING! How awesome is that?!

  • You're using your glutes, core, back muscles, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs. Now THAT'S a workout!