In plain terms, a surge is when you double your leg speed and increase resistance in short bursts. The surge is a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT), so if you’re not out of breath after a surge, you’re doing it wrong. Lucky for you the surge can be done either sitting or standing. Just make sure that you keep your perfect form because you can start to slack off once you get tired.

Now we’re sure you’re excited to try out this new move of the month, but we have a couple pointers for you.

1.     Make sure your body is thoroughly warmed up when you start a surge.

2.     Your resistance should be in the 4-6 range so your legs as if they are pushing up a hill.

3.     Allowing your rockin’ body to recover between sets is crucial.

4.     Make sure there is a cool down so your heart can recuperate more easily.

If you’re not already convinced that the surge is an awesome move to highlight, here are a few benefits we thought you would be interested in:

1.     Builds and maintains lean muscle mass.

2.     Boots metabolism.

3.     Improves energy by increasing the body’s ability to store glycogen.

4.     Increases general performance by increasing strength, speed and power.

5.     Improves cardio-respiratory fitness and endurance.

Surge your way through the end of the month with this new move. Tell your neighbor about it or listen for it in class. Either way, your bound to try it out this month!