I grew up on the east-side of Milwaukee and then attended the University of Wisconsin Madison for both undergrad and law school. After law school, I remained in Madison and recently moved home to Milwaukee.

What brought you to SPIRE and what has kept you coming back?

My wife (Nikki), brother-in-law (Zak), and mother-in-law (Kari) first told me about SPIRE. They talked about how much fun they had working out, so I finally tried a class. They were right about SPIRE and I have been coming back ever since. I keep coming back to SPIRE because of the great community and workouts.

What is your favorite class here at SPIRE? What other fitness activities keep you active?

All of the classes at SPIRE are awesome and will kick your butt. I really enjoy Danielle’s Rhythm Ride classes- they are a lot of fun. I appreciate that SPIRE offers a variety of classes. But other than working out at the studio, I enjoy biking outside during the summer.

What keeps you inspired for your workouts? Do you have a motto?

I like to book my classes at the beginning of the week and stick to the plan. It makes me hold myself to my goals for the week.

You Participated in the January Challenge. How excited were you to lead the competition and be the first to complete the challenge?

I thought it was pretty cool! I enjoy working out and the competition was a fun way to push myself a little bit more. I was glad when I hit the milestone and I enjoyed being part of the process with the community at SPIRE. The goody bag from SPIRE was a great bonus prize too!

What goals has SPIRE helped you to achieve?

My wife and I are training for the MACC Fund Trek 100  on June 11th. The ride raises funds to support research for pediatric cancer and related blood disorders. The ride starts in Waterloo and is always a lot of fun. I want to invite anyone and everyone to join in the ride! It is great to be able to give back to the community and support the cause.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I like to cook and bake. My favorite thing to make is homemade bagels. They probably offset the workouts, but I enjoy making them.

What is your favorite way to end a long week?

A good brunch and relaxing with family and friends is how I normally end a long week.

How frequently and at what intensity are your workouts?

I workout at SPIRE at least once or twice a day. It gives me something to do instead of being lazy and watching T.V. or reading a book on the couch.

What is your favorite post workout snack or meal?

One of my favorite meals would be the chicken mole at Conejito's Place. It is delicious and I believe this is one of Hubie's top places too.

Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to start classes at SPIRE?

Try out all of the classes and find what you like. Go at your own pace and expect to be sore! But overall be open, and enjoy the experience.

Do you have a favorite place to travel or any fun trips planned?

Out of all my travels. Hawaii has been my favorite. I used to travel a lot at my old job, so I am used to flying all over the country. Nikki and I have a few trips planned this year.

What is one life lesson would you like to share with everyone?

Enjoy the process of trying to achieve your goals.

I want to thank Jenell for running SPIRE and keeping it so organized here! Nikki and I have enjoyed being a part of the SPIRE community!