SPIRE Setlist: Cycling into May

Cycling Milwaukee

'Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Here we go!' 

You will hear this counting in every cycling class before the class starts a new move or position. It may take one or two 'counts' for you to feel the rhythm with the class, but when you finally pedal to the beat, there is a sense of accomplishment and confidence. You continue class with pride and a smile on our face ready to face the next challenge.

'Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Here we go!'

To make Spring a little sweeter, SPIRE is giving you the Top 15 Songs of the Month. Running, rowing, and cycling inside or outside will take you a couple of 'counts' or times to get used to. So make sure to pace yourself and listen to the "Cycling into May" setlist.

SPIRE's workouts routines are here to compliment those long bike rides and exhausting runs. Don't forget about SPIRE as the weather gets nicer! Stop in at the studio this week for us to 'count' your beats... 

'Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Here we go!'

Milwaukee Fitness

1. Damn Daniel- Radio Mix - Bombs Away

2. Castles - Appleby, Elias Abid

3. One Dance - Drake, Wizkid, Kyle

4. When the Beat Drops Out- Workout Mix - Workout Crew

5. Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) - Flume, Kai

6. Something Real - Desi Valentine

7. Whutcha Want - Giovanni James

8. New Americana - Halsey- Lord Huron

9. Ends of the Earth - Halsey

10. I Need Never get Old - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

11. Forget Me Now - Against The Current

12. Remind Me- Steve James Remix - Conrad Sewell, Steve James

13. Metaphysical- Anish Sood Remix - Autograf, Anish Sood

14. The Wild Life - Outasight

15. Light It Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG)-Remix - Major Lazer, Fuse Odg, Nyla


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