Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Milwaukee? 

I was born and raised near Milwaukee, in Racine, Wisconsin. After high school, I moved to Boston for college and then made my way out to New York. I lived there for five years. I then decided that it was time to get away from the craziness of New York, and move back to Milwaukee to be closer to family and get back to my roots. Living in Milwaukee, I have so much more space compared to when I was in New York. My walk in closest in Milwaukee is the size of my bedroom back in New York! 

You started out taking cycling classes and now have taken up rowing.  How has the transition from cycling to rowing classes been?

It has been great! I am really glad that I made the choice to try my first Crew Class because now I am hooked!  What I think a lot of people don’t know is that you are not just rowing for 45-minutes straight. It wasn’t until I was talking with Jenell, that she told me that it is a mix between rowing and strength exercises. If you are someone who just does cycling classes, I really encourage you to try a SPIRE Crew Class to switch things up! 

What keeps you inspired for your workouts? Do you have a motto? 

What keeps me inSPIREd for my workouts is competing with myself to become better than what I was yesterday. I am someone who is into numbers and measurements and like keep track of my heart rate and fitness to take it to the next level. 


You have an extensive background in group fitness. What made you decided to come to SPIRE and what keeps you coming back? 

I’ve done all kinds of group fitness classes, from CrossFit to even taking a drum workout class in New York. Coming to Milwaukee, I was eager to find a group fitness place that I could regularly go to. I heard about SPIRE from a friend and then saw flyers in lululemon, so I decided to try out a cycling class and LOVED it. I really enjoy the high energy here and the community that SPIRE has created. 

What goals has spire helped you to achieve?

SPIRE has helped me to keep a consistent workout routine. I love the MINDBODY app because it makes you come to class or else you will have to pay a late or cancellation fee. 

You participated in the March Madness Challenge. What did you think of the challenge and what pushed you to become the first-place finisher?

I LOVED the challenge. It really pushed me for the month of March. Since I am a competitive person, I had to make sure I was the one in the lead. Even if someone was behind me 20 points, I pushed to stay ahead by attending more classes and completing more of the challenges.  It was fun seeing how many points you could get each week and seeing my fitness levels increase. 

What has been your favorite event you have participated in at SPIRE? 

There have been so many I have enjoyed. I like going to the theme rides, Bike and Brunch, and participating in the challenges. But I would say that I have really enjoyed going to the Bike and Brunch events the most. You see so many of the same people coming to classes but don’t really get the chance to start up a conversation. Bike and Brunch allows you to sit down with new people and get to know them.

What is your favorite class here at SPIRE?

My favorite class at SPIRE would have to be either Danielle's Rhythm Ride or Jenell's SPIRE Crew Class

What other fitness activities keep you active? 

I like all outdoor fitness activities. Whenever I travel, I like to go biking, hiking, surfing, diving, and any other outdoor activity that are offered in the location. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

I love to travel! I have been to Australia, Thailand, Singapore, France, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, and New Zealand just to name a few places! 

What is your favorite post-workout snack or meal?

My favorite post workout snack would be avocado on toast. I probably have eaten this every day for the past 3 years. It never gets old! 

Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to start classes at SPIRE?

My advice would be to make sure to try all the different classes and instructors. That way, you are able to get a feel for what your style is and what you enjoy doing. I also recommend getting the New Client Special: 1 Month Unlimited to be able to try all the classes. It is such a great deal! 

What is your favorite way to relax?

Besides sleeping, I like listening to music and dancing. There is no better feeling than busting out some moves to a T-Swift song in the privacy of your own home. 

What is one life lesson you would like to share with everyone? 

Never make a decision based off of fear. If you are scared to do something, don't let fear be a deciding factor of a decision you make. Take fear out of the question.