The Facts About TRX

TRX Training has finally arrived at SPIRE! TRX is not your typical workout with dumbbells and weights in the gym. TRX Suspension Training uses your body weight to help push you to the limit. Here at SPIRE, our TRX Classes are paired with heart-pumping music and are full of energy. 

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TRX Suspension Training

TRX training will help you achieve your fitness goals to become stronger, fitter, and toned. TRX Suspension Training was created by the Navy SEALS, however, this workout is for people of all fitness levels. The TRX workouts are designed to challenge each person individually.

TRX Suspension Training consists of a set of exercises which will help you gain strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility. It is a full body workout that will help tone your core ALL of the time. Suspension Training is a fast and energetic workout where you use the TRX Suspension Trainer, the ropes that hang from the ceiling, to gain control over your movements.  The two suspension straps allow for hundreds of exercise options. 


SPIRE will be offering two types of TRX classes. ‘SPIRE Crew + TRX’ will combine our SPIRE crew classes with intervals of TRX strength training to incorporate a total body workout. ‘SPIRE TRX’ will focus on increasing your muscle endurance and strength in a challenging 45-minute workout. Our instructors are certified and ready to help you conquer your fitness goals.

How to Prepare?

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Come with a full water bottle, comfortable workout clothes, and be prepared for an energetic and fast paced workout. Grab your SPIRE towel at the door and leave your worries outside. TRX is new to most people, so now is a great time to try it! Execute the exercises slowly and build up your body’s endurance throughout our TRX classes. Listen to your body’s limits, focus on your breathing, and push yourself to become better. Test out our classes and learn why TRX can help achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you are a runner, rower, cyclist, yoga enthusiast or newcomer, try something new with SPIRE as we break boundaries with TRX. Take it up a notch and sign up for SPIRE’s TRX classes this May!