Meet Whitney! She is the most recent addition to the SPIRE Team, and is ready to sweat it out with YOU on Tuesday and Saturday mornings all summer long!

Marquette Fitness

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Milwaukee?

Midwestern kid – born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin.   I grew up playing soccer and hockey (not volleyball and basketball – shocking, I know!).  I went to Marquette where I started the club soccer program with a friend.  I also spent most of college working at J.Crew, which is where my retail journey began. 

When you are not at SPIRE, what else keeps you busy?

The neediest dog on this planet as well as wonderful family and friends.  I also volunteer at the humane society. 

What made you decide to become an instructor?

The challenge of something new and the desire to share something that I love so much. 

What else do you love to do for fitness outside of Cycle?

Run, walk my dog, play soccer.  I love goofing around with my niece and nephew, which generally involves an all-out dance party. 


What is a one year goal you are working on right now?

I'm out to prove that 30 really is the new 20.

What inSPIREs you?  

Resilience, hard work, and seeing things through to the end.  I have so much respect for anyone that TRIES.  Because if you’re trying, you’ve already accomplished step one, which is knowing that you’re worth it. 

Favorite spot in Milwaukee?

Jack’s American Pub – it’s my Central Perk.

Milwaukee Fitness

What does your dream vacation include?

The beach, lots of napping, and a good book.

Use one word to describe yourself –Tell us why you choose this word. 

Goofy.  It’s generally not even intentional.  I laugh way too hard at my own jokes – I’m working on it. 

Who is your Celeb Crush?

Joshua Jackson – since I was about 14.

What is your favorite workout outfit?

Crazy pants and a muscle tank – my official SPIRE uniform.   

Milwaukee Fitness

Are you usually late, early, or on time?

On time (unless I’m with my mother…).

What is a pet-peeve of yours?  

People who don’t grab the door and just waltz right through when you hold the door open for them.  Like, after you, your highness!

What genre of songs can we expect to hear in your Cycle classes? 

A good mix of just about everything.  That sounds like an easy answer but I’m serious.  I promise to not subject anyone to the Hamilton soundtrack…yet.  Other than that, a weird amount of Nelly sandwiched between country, 80’s pop, and pseudo hip indie rock.  

MKE Cycling