The Five Deadly Sins of TRX

In order to get all of the benefits of a SPIRE TRX class, form is paramount. To help you keep proper form we want to highlight some of the most common errors we see in our SPIRE TRX classes. Below is a list of the five deadliest sins of TRX. Keep challenging yourself in the studio by removing the following sins from your workouts (don’t worry, we will help to remind you).

1. Sagging

TRX classes are all about CORE! Plank is a foundational TRX movement and will be a position that will become very familiar to our class regulars.  Because this position is frequently used in class, proper form becomes even more important.

When holding a plank, focus on keeping a straight line with your body; shoulders and hips should be kept level.  If done correctly, it should feel like you are trying to touch your hips to your ribcage. The core should be in an active crunch.  Avoid sagging your hips as this can put unnecessary strain into your lower back and will not properly activate your core.

2. Slack

Although there is no “slack”ing in TRX classes, that isn’t the slack we’re talking about here. When performing any TRX movements we want to make sure there is no slack in our TRX straps. Straps should be pulled taut while performing all exercises. Having taut straps will help maintain proper form and allow for controlled movements.

3.  Seesawing

Seesawing might be fun on the playground, but in TRX classes this is a BIG no, no.  Seesawing is caused by applying uneven pressure on the TRX Suspension System Straps. If one strap has more pressure it will lower, causing the opposite side to rise.  This can cause injury and prevent proper form.

4. Starting Improperly

We always want to allow ourselves enough time to find the correct positioning for each movement. Follow your instructors’ lead and make sure you’re listening carefully. Finding the correct starting position sets you up for a safe and effective movement.

5. Scraping

When performing TRX exercises, we want to make sure the straps do not scrap or rub against our skin. Not only can this be incredibly unconformable, but you’re also cheating yourself of a good workout! TRX is about challenging your stability. By pushing the straps against your body, you are creating more stability and decreasing core engagement. Keep the straps raised off your body throughout class. If you find you need more stability in a movement, try adjusting your stance wider or even staggering your stance. This will give you the stability you need while using proper form!

Keep these five deadly sins in mind in any TRX classes you take! If you forget one, don’t worry, our instructors will continue to remind you of proper form and make corrections as needed. Have a question regarding one of these deadly sins? Ask us! We’re always here to help.