SPIRE Ride Move of the Month: Hill Corners

Every month we challenge our staff to work on improving one movement or exercise that we use in classes. We focus on form and strength, challenging each other to become better everyday. This month we want to let you in on the challenge! Keep reading to learn more about our movement of the month and what you can do to continue to improve!

Movement: Hill Corners (see the movement here!)

Purpose: To activate leg muscles and burn at heavy wattage. We focus on the pull and push and side-to-side movements to engage core and arm muscles.

Correct Form:

1. Weight loaded in legs /glutes; using full pedal stroke. 

2. Long spine, low chest throughout movement.

3. Side to side movement comes from upper body.

Common Mistakes/Errors:

1. Making movement bouncy. This implies that the rider is mostly using the momentum of their weight to climb the hill, rather than using the balance of the push and pull on the pedal.

2. Forward / back motion is bouncy or jerky. This likely means resistance is not high enough. At high resistance riders should have to physically pull themselves forward and push themselves back.

3. Moving side-to-side with knees, hips, or whole body. Make sure we are isolating this motion to the upper body, engaging the core to reach side-to-side. Keep knees aligned over toes. 

There you have it team! All month long let's focus on improving our Corners. Work on having enough resistance on your bike to keep the movement smooth. Isolate your upper body and core to move side-to-side, and use both the push and pull of your pedal stroke.