TRX Challenge Move of the Month: The Pike

Every month we challenge our staff to work on improving one movement or exercise that we use in classes. We focus on form and strength, challenging each other to become better everyday. This month we want to let you in on the challenge! Keep reading to learn more about our movement of the month and what you can do to continue to improve!

TRX Challenge Movement of the Month

This month we are focusing on the pike! This is a challenging movement that works your core, shoulders, back, chest, and arms. We have two different levels of pikes for you to try. Pick your goal and work towards it!

Level 1: Pike

See full movement on our Instagram.  

Level 2: Single Leg Pike

Same movement as a pike, removing one of your feet from the foot cradle. See full movement on our Instagram.  

How do you perform the TRX Pike or Single Leg Pike? 

  • Stack shoulders over hips
  • Push floor away with hands (active shoulders)
  • Activate through lower abs to lift hips
  • Keep movement slow and controlled

What can you do to help strengthen your body to complete this movement? 

  • Focus on shoulder mobility! The pike requires flexibility through your shoulders. Consider starting your workout with shoulder slides and arms sweeps. These movements will help increase your shoulder mobility and prepare your body to perform the pike. 
  • Build your core strength. You can do this on and off of the TRX straps. Some exercises that we recommend include, TRX Crunch, Double Leg Drop, TRX Mountain Climbers, or the Reverse Crunch!
  • Practice your inversions! Getting your hips to stack over your shoulders can be a daunting task. Practice off the straps with the following movements, floor pike with shoulder push up, and donkey kicks. 


Need more ideas? Ask our instructors! Be prepared to pike in class all September long!