inSPIREd Member: William Dunn


1. Tell us all a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What brought you to Milwaukee?

I am originally from Texas, but after a several-year stint studying chemical engineering at UT Austin, I decided to be a pastor instead. I graduated from Martin Luther College in Minnesota, before graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon in 2016.

From there I was assigned to St. Peter Lutheran Church, to work with the bilingual ministry here in the Walker’s Square/Walker’s Point neighborhoods. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be here!

I have been married for nearly six years to my wife, Lauren. We have three sweet kids, Aurora, Liam, and Elena.

2. What first brought you to SPIRE? What was your first impression of the studio?

This may sound crazy, but last January I had an allergic reaction to what I now know was a kind of cashew oil that is very similar to the oil in poison ivy. I guess it kind of scared me or got me thinking about my health in general as I am pushing 30 (Yikes! Is there such a thing as an early life crisis?), so I searched for something that was close and was intrigued by the crew classes at SPIRE. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with House of Cards…pretty sure.

My first impression of the studio was great. I remember Brandon did a great job of showing me the correct rowing form. Oh yeah, and I remember being complete annihilated by the class. I was hurting for like a week after. Same thing happened after my first spin class. But in hindsight, it was worth it.


3. What keeps you inSPIREd for your workouts?

My main goal for working out is my overall health. Maintaining an active lifestyle so that I can serve better as a husband, father, and pastor. 


4. What is your favorite class to take here at SPIRE?

At the beginning, I started by rowing nearly every day, but now I split time between the SPIRE Ride(+) classes and the SPIRE Fire Crew classes. I appreciate the diversity of classes offered and the well-rounded workouts I get by changing it up throughout week.


5. While you aren’t at SPIRE, what are you two doing?

Lauren and I try to get out at least a couple times a month. Last month we checked out MobCraft Brewery and made it to John Mulaney at the Riverside. We’ve been having a lot of fun exploring all that Milwaukee has to offer!

Of course, with our kids, we have found that Milwaukee is a great place for families too!

6. Do you have any advice to someone that is interested in taking classes at SPIRE?

Don’t just sign up for one class, go for the whole month special, try the different workouts, make it part of your routine and you won’t look back.


7. What is something you have accomplished with the help of SPIRE?

Though this wasn’t necessarily my goal, I have lost almost 15 pounds since I started last January. I’ll take it! The added energy and confidence I have felt have also been great!

8. Tell us a unique or fun fact about yourself!

I love Shark Tank!

9. What is your favorite post workout snack or meal?

Those life-savers mints! You know the ones I’m talking about, right there on the shelf as you leave SPIRE. Yeah, I’m pretty much addicted. Now I can’t leave without one.

10. If you had three wishes, what would they be?

1) That there were more hours in a day.

2) That I were better at speaking Spanish.

3) That the Dallas Mavericks would win the NBA Championship this year! Go Dirk!


11. What keeps you coming back to SPIRE?

I would love to say that what keeps me coming back every day is the atmosphere, the instructors, the workouts, the people, which are all awesome by the way!

But if I am being completely honest, the one thing that keeps me from hitting the snooze button every morning is that I don’t want to pay the $10 penalty. The power of incentives I guess!

For me, it’s a system that works. It is the first time since high school that I have consistently worked out, and I feel great!

12. You come into the studio pretty often, at least a few times a week—what’s a motto you use to keep you going?

I try to make it to SPIRE 5-6 times a week. It’s kind of cheesy, but what I have found myself saying is “I want to be someone who works out.” It seems to work well for me. Connect it to your identity, and commit to what it takes to get you there.