Boutique Fitness Studio: the New Queen of the Fitness World 

It’s hard taking the plunge to learn or do something new. A lot of us have our set routines that we are comfortable with, that make us feel in control, and allow us to relax a little easier. But when you cease the opportunity to learn or do something new, you’re taking a chance you’ll never regret. 

It’s most likely an easy change, going from having to create your own programming without knowing what you’re doing to turning off your mind and having someone else coach/challenge you. . While there are the more obvious reasons as to why boutique fitness studios are awesome, below are five reasons that necessarily don’t come to mind when thinking, “but why a small studio over a gym?” 

1) The instructor is dedicated to you. At a boutique fitness studio like SPIRE, instructors have their handful of clients in mind and do whatever necessary to make sure they are being helped. Need help getting clipped in? Your instructor is there to help. Need help properly performing a rowing stroke? Your instructor is there to help! Even if you just need a friend! No matter what, the clients are the number one goal—each and every one of them. You’re never going to be just a number at a boutique fitness studio. 

2) Socializing made easy. Whether you’re new to a city or have lived there for your entire life, joining a boutique fitness studio is going to introduce you to some friends you would have never met otherwise. The people you meet are there with similar goals as you and the connections that are made are strong. At SPIRE, we’re a fitness family, even though we all come from different walks of life. The person you see in Rhythm Ride every Wednesday morning will change from a stranger on the bike next to you, to a friend you’re texting at 5 AM reminding to get up so they don’t miss class! It’s more than just a place to work out; it’s a place to connect with your community. 

3) Personal, yet not too personal. What’s awesome about working out in a boutique fitness studio is that each workout is personal, but not too personal. You get to workout next to others in class, but each person is zoned into their own workout and focused on their own goals. You get to reach these achievements together and watch one another grow. You have a team to sweat with, but, you’re in your own zone and are concentrating on your meters, your split time, not the person next to you. 

4) Motivation begins the moment you step through the door. When you walk into a smaller boutique fitness studio, you’re immediately being told, “have fun!”, “good luck!”, and “enjoy your workout!” Then, you enter your classroom and your instructor continues the motivation there. Whether it’s them calling out your name saying keep up the good work, or the instructor coming up to help you perfect your TRX move, the motivation never dies. 

5) Accountability. Boutique fitness studios often require signing up for the class you’re interested in ahead of time. Because of that, you’re more likely to actually go and complete a workout! It’s easy to tell yourself to go the gym and then not feel bad when you don’t go because you really only told yourself. But, signing up ahead of time helps you stay on top of your goals and workouts by putting that little angel on your shoulder saying, “you signed up, now go. You won’t regret it.” All it takes is that little ounce of accountability to keep us on track! 

At the end of the day, joining a boutique fitness studio is a change worth making. It’s one you won’t regret and one that’ll bring all new joys to your life. If you don’t believe our incredibly convincing list, you’ll just have to take that step and come give our studio a try. We’d love to have you in :)