From Hubie, to You

As many of you are aware, Hubie is the new owner of SPIRE Fitness! If you’re not aware, stop on in and get the chance to meet him! His dedication to physical health is not only vibrant, but it’s so strong that it’s motivation and encouragement is constantly being expressed. Hubie has one goal is mind—to see his clients succeed. His love for SPIRE and the clients is what keeps him going and he’s offering some words of wisdom to help each and every one of you reach your full potential.


A Note from Hubie:

"Spring is right around the corner and before you know it another summer season is, too! The change of seasons is great because it allows me to focus on fitness for specific goals. Having a fitness goal every year for the spring, summer & fall is a path to solid, healthy fitness each year. My personal goals are usually events that are challenging.

This system has not only created a lifestyle fitness, but it also has gives great reward in doing things I thought at one time were far out of my reach.

But the most important benefit was and still is all of the amazing people I have met, good friends that have been made for many years. This journey in participating in events has given me the opportunity to grow in more ways than one, and having a blast on top of it!

Events are not for everyone and I respect folks that just like their fitness routine. CHALLENGE yourself in 2017 and try an event! Be it a 5k run, a marathon, a bike tour, the list is endless! Wisconsin alone offers a ton of amazing events to choose from. Feel free to reach out if you want to know about any events for 2017.

"Stop working out and start TRAINING"