Ride inside this summer

With summer coming up, you may be thinking, “why would I bike indoors?” And that’s a fair question! Warmer weather normally gets people outside, not inside. Our SPIRE Ride classes hold several qualities that are worth coming inside for.  Here are our top five reasons as to why SPIRE Ride classes are a summer must.

1) Heat? No problem!

When it’s hot outside, exercising can be unbearable at times. You triple your normal sweat output, the finish line seems like it’s never coming, and heat stroke is creeping around the corner. When it’s hot, an indoor ride is the perfect way to get a great workout in and get on a bike. From the air-conditioned room, to the strategically placed fans, appreciate the cool breeze.

2) Extra Energy

It’s easy to get defeated during a workout. It happened to everyone! We have the, “I can’t go on!” moments. Sometimes all we need is a little extra help to keep us moving. That’s where the music, lights, and our hyped-up instructors come into play. When you’re in a class, you will have all these components there to help boost your energy and push you past your obstacles. Your instructor is bellowing encouraging words, the speakers are blasting your favorite song, and you’re pedaling to the rhythm with lights that make you feel invincible. 

3) Mother approved

Living in the big city can be stressful, especially for riders; the traffic, drivers who don’t see you, curbs, and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, there are areas that are safe and easy to ride in, but sometimes those places are just hard to find, or too far away! In a ride class these obstacles don’t exist. You can come take a class stress-free knowing you’re not going to wipe out or run into traffic. Mom’s can feel safe and at ease knowing their children are happily cycling away in the comfort of a studio.

4) Convenience is key

We can’t control weather. Indoor ride classes are super convenient because it’s accessible when getting outside isn’t. The ability to cycle inside, looking out at the rain, is always nice. Between this and #1, it’s safe to say indoor spin is a great option no matter the weather!

5) Time is of the essence

People are busy. We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in a great workout in an already crammed schedule. Taking a class indoors helps you do just that. You can schedule the class to fit exactly where you need it to and you will be guaranteed a kick-ass, effective workout. The workouts we do on our own can sometimes lack the rigor we are looking for, leaving us with lesser results. Also, indoor ride doesn’t have stoplights and stop signs slowing you down, you’re maximizing your time with an indoor class.

At the end of the day, whether you’re taking a ride outside or joining a group for an indoor ride class, you’re going to be getting on a bike and doing what you love. Riding indoors during the summer is still a great option. Get in a quick, effective workout so you have more time to play in the sun!