Sculpture Workout

Sculpture Milwaukee is an outdoor art gallery that is lining Wisconsin Ave in downtown Milwaukee. This gallery is the largest of it’s kind and is made up of 22 sculptures from artists all over the world. The display will be up until October 22nd, but we’re taking you on a workout to see the pieces on July 29th! Jenell will be leading the way of this 75-minute workout that will be challenging and interactive. Get to know your community and it's members, all while breaking a sweat! Before you go, here are just a few of the sculptures we will be seeing so you can get even more excited for the workout!

Legend of the White Snake- 580 Wisconsin Avenue

Our 75-minute workout will begin at the Legend of the White Snake. This piece was designed by Jason S. Yi and it is made out of PVC tubes and connectors. The piece was inspired by the ancient Chinese folk tale with the same name. Yi wanted to grasp the tension between our imaginary landscapes and the reality of the worlds we have created and he did just that!

Summer- 400 W. Wisconsin Ave

This bronze goddess is portraying the life that woman bring forth into the world. Summer, the piece’s name, is based on Alison Saar’s interest in African traditions where spirits inhabit objects. It’s located at 400 W. Wisconsin Ave and is a simple, yet beautiful piece of work.

Vortex- 4th Street & Wisconsin Ave

This unicorn horn look alike is a sight you won’t want to miss. The Vortex is a shiny tornado of energy that is turned upside down and the surface reflects the street life around it. Saint Clair Cemin started working with craftspeople and stainless steel work in 1999 and eventually put this piece together in 2008.

Arrow Sculpture- 176 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Tony Tasset uses this piece to showcase the American obsession with rankings and competition. Tasset knows all too well that “one day you’re in, next day you’re out,” and uses this to sum up and account for the complexities of the humans who create and consume products. This simple yet effective piece of art is meant to be a self-reflection piece.

Safety Cones- RiverWalk Plaza of 648 N. Plankinton Ave

Those orange cones you know and love from your childhood have been revamped. Dennis Oppenheim’s Safety Cones are inspirations for the urban spaces that are always in the processing of coming together or falling apart. The piece is meant to show us that humans are constantly changing their environment, often losing what made it so special to begin with.


This is just a little teaser of the gallery that we’ll be exploring on the 29th. These are 5 pieces out of the total 22 and the rest are waiting to be seen in person. If you’re interested in learning more about each piece and taking a virtual tour before the real deal, head on over to the gallery’s website.