Working Out While Expecting and Why it's Good for You!

For many, working out is more than a weight-loss goal; it’s a way to relax, relieve stress, and even a way to socialize with friends. It's habitual! When your life adds a bundle of joy to the picture, you may start to wonder if you can continue to keep up your fitness routine.

Your first step is to speak with your doctor. While most moms-to-be are able to participate in a moderate fitness routine, every pregnancy is different. Wait to get the green light from your doctor and learn about any new restrictions you might have before jumping into class. Once you have the green light, it's time to sweat!

Here are the top five things you should know about working out while pregnant and why it’s a good idea to keep your fitness routine (if approved by your doctor).

1. Choose wisely

Some sports and activities are more strenuous than others. It’s important that while pregnant, you’re choosing moderate activities that feel good for you. You may find that working out becomes more challenging or you have less energy and that's ok! Remember, it's short-term and some movement is better than no movement. Learn your bodies new limits and take class at your own pace. 


2. Perceived Exertion

When pregnant your blood volume increases and your resting heart rate is considerably higher than normal, preventing heart rate from being an accurate gauge of intensity. When taking class use a Rate of Perceived Exertion on a scale of 0 to 10. Try taking your workouts at an intensity between 3 and 5 (think ability to talk but not enough air to sing along with your favorite songs).

3. Change it up

You grow in such a unique way when you become pregnant, so treat your body to a workout it deserves. Trimester one workouts will be different than your Trimester three workouts. Don’t be afraid to mix up your routine and get adventurous! 

4. Helps reduce those pregnancy pains

Those back pains and body aches can be prevented or at least limited with the help of regular exercise. Sticking with your workout routine can help reduce swelling and bloating. Strengthening your core and your back muscles will help relieve pain and keep you healthy. Need modifications? Let your instructor know. We're always more than happy to give you alternative options. 

5. Build strength for post-pregnancy tasks

Building-up strength will not only assist in holding the extra weight of your growing little one, it will also help with post-pregnancy tasks. Once your newborn is here, you'll have the added tasks of carry your child from place to place and all their gear! They don't stay little for long, before you know it you'll be lifting and carrying a 30+ pound toddler, lifting your jogging stroller up a flight of stairs, and may even had a second baby on the way. Prepare your body with the strength you'll need to be super mom everyday.  


Working out doesn’t need to be scary and adding a partner to your team doesn’t need to make it even scarier. Whether you’re looking to take a casual stroll or a class here at SPIRE, find a way to stay active. Don’t believe us? Ask your favorite instructor Cristina how she’s benefiting from staying fit while expecting a little one of her own :) 

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