70.3 World Championship: A Letter from Hubie

Hi Gang!

Being a part of the triathlon scene for over 35 years, it has been an amazing journey to see it go from nobody knowing the word, to everybody knowing about IRONMAN. The industry has come a long way with high tech bikes and gear, nutrition, coaching and many more aspects of the sport. The coolest thing that has become of the sport is the participation and more and more people finding it to be a challenge every year, or a bucket list item. Watching this sport from the sideline and to see it grow has been phenomenal!  

In 1983, a friend of mine encouraged me to do a triathlon and my words were, "I can swim to save my life and thats about it!". But he persisted that I try it! I was hooked after the first and the ultimate goal was IRONMAN. Upon completion of the first Ironman, I called my buddy Tom and said "Thank you Tom for encouraging me". Since then I made three more calls to Tom, it is Powerful!! Now with over 300 events  and 35 years later, the sport of triathlon gave me an incredibly FUN & Fit lifestyle for all these years.

This weekend I will be participating in my first 70.3 IRONMAN World Championship! I encourage you to give it a tri! The benefits are amazing and it is a fun challenge every time! We are planning on rolling out a SPIRE Triathlon Training for a specific event next year, so I am planting the seed for you now! Who's IN?? After the race is completed, I can't wait to make that phone call! one last time??

Cheers Everyone and Thank you for being a part of the SPIRE Community


"Culture Client Created'

You can track the race live at visit ironman.com and click the link for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. BIB#428