inSPIREd Member: Christina Evans

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1. Tells us all a little bit about yourselves! Where are you from? What brought you to Milwaukee?

I was born & raised in Kansas. Yes, the land of Oz. Went to Wichita State University and came to Milwaukee to work for Caterpillar in 2015.

2. What first brought you to SPIRE? What was your first impression of the studio?

A friend of mine always raved about SPIRE but it wasn't close to my apartment. I finally moved within walking distance and couldn't pass up trying it out at least once. That one time has turned into an every day thing. My first impression of SPIRE was "WOW! What was I thinking?" Everyone was loving what they were doing and friendly and most importantly no one cared that I was a newbie! 

3. What keeps you inSPIREd for your workouts?

Well, since I've joined SPIRE I've gotten engaged. So the obvious answer is to get fit for my beach wedding. But the people are what keep me coming back. the instructors motivate me with their music and with the fact that they take the time to personally encourage you when they see that you need it. It's like I've found a new little home away from home.

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4. What is your favorite class to take here at SPIRE?

That's a hard questions because I love it all! Overall SPIN!!!! I have a love-hate relationship with a few classes because I love going, but mid-class it's so hard and I'm just thinking why am I here?!? Once I make it through I'm back to loving it again. 

5. While you aren’t at SPIRE, what are you doing?

Working and sleeping...other then that I'm at SPIRE. Well, except during the summer you'll find me at the beach or outside on my bike soaking up the sun for the few short month Milwaukee has.

6. Do you have any advice to someone that is interested in taking classes at SPIRE?

The hardest part is showing up. So if you just get there you're going to LOVE IT!

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7. What is something you have accomplished with the help of SPIRE?

I've been able to build self confidence with SPIRE, not by just losing weight but being able to complete things I have never done or haven't done in a VERY LONG time (like a hand stands in TRX Yoga)

8. Tell us a unique or fun fact about yourself!

I lived in China while in college and traveled around Asia.

9. What is your favorite post workout snack or meal?  

Depending on the time of day the workout is...mornings = boiled eggs & coffee while the evenings = Protein Shake with a banana blended in

10. What keeps you coming back to SPIRE?

I've found a place that I enjoy and actually look forward to going to. Which is probably why I'm there for more then one class at a time :)