It's November! What better month to strengthen our bodies and focus on a new challenge!? In November we will be working the TRX Pull Up! This is an upper body movement that works the back, rear shoulders, brachialis and brachioradialis in the arms. These muscles are located near the elbow, and help move the forearm. The biceps brachii, or simply biceps, cross the elbow and shoulder joints and work to flex the elbow joint during the exercise.

TRX Challenge Move of the Month: The Pike

Every month we challenge our staff to work on improving one movement or exercise that we use in classes. We focus on form and strength, challenging each other to become better everyday. This month we want to let you in on the challenge! Keep reading to learn more about our movement of the month and what you can do to continue to improve!

TRX Challenge Movement of the Month

This month we are focusing on the pike! This is a challenging movement that works your core, shoulders, back, chest, and arms. We have two different levels of pikes for you to try. Pick your goal and work towards it!

The Five Deadly Sins of TRX

In order to get all of the benefits of a SPIRE TRX class, form is paramount. To help you keep proper form we want to highlight some of the most common errors we see in our SPIRE TRX classes. Below is a list of the five deadliest sins of TRX. Keep challenging yourself in the studio by removing the following sins from your workouts (don’t worry, we will help to remind you).