SPIRE Crew: Water-Based, Full Body, High Intensity

Indoor Rowing classes have become a sensation within the fitness community in recent years. At SPIRE, we offer various formats of rowing classes a week: CREW, TRX CREW, TEAM CREW and FIRE CREW. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels!


It’s not all rowing. Forty-five minutes of rowing may sound daunting. The truth: depending on the CREW format you take, our classes are designed with intervals and circuits, alternating between interval rowing and mat work. 

You think it’s just an arm workout. Surprise! The truth: rowing engages 60% lower body, 20% core and 20% arms. By the end of the 45 minutes, this whole-body workout will make your whole body wobbly – and you’ll keep coming back for more.   

The machine is not hard to use…We promise! Our WaterRowers deliver a dynamic workout, targeting your main muscle groups. You’ll increase resistance as your speed and intensity increase. The truth: our instructors will help you feel comfortable on our rowers, and after one class, you’ll feel like an expert. 


Each stroke on the rower works 84% of the muscles in your body while taking it easy on your joints. Who would have thought one movement could help you build lean muscle, improve your posture and strengthen your core? Fun fact: our CREW classes will burn up to 600 calories in 45 minutes.


Let us know you’re new to rowing and we’ll help you develop a proper technique so you can focus on the workout. The movements (starting in the catch, driving the legs long, pulling the arms, then coming back into the catch position) become more fluid the more you practice. Now, let’s get ready to perspire!