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Clarity In Your Life - You Know The Way

We're welcoming Kerri Weishoff, MS, CCC-SLP, NBC-HWC to SPIRE Fitness. Kerri is an integrative health coach and university lector and instructor on mind-body and awareness practices. On April 25th, learn how to uncover and allow your greatest strengths to come forth so you can live your every day life with greater joy, purpose, ease and whole health living.


  • You will learn ways to discover greater clarity on what is important in your life (joy/purpose)
  • You will gain insight on where you are balanced and areas for growth
  • You will walk away with a personal statement on how you can pause, stay focused, be grounded and have more ease in daily life
  • Gain a greater understanding of self-awareness tools that can guide you and you can further explore in your life

Learn more about Kerri!

Kerri Weishoff, MS, CCC-SLP, NBC-HWC

Kerri is an integrative health coach and university lector and instructor on mind-body and awareness practices.  She is a practicing speech pathologist in critical care and incorporates mindful awareness into her clinical practice.  She teaches at hospitals nationally on whole health and practices locally as an Integrative Health Coach at Milwaukee MindBody Wellness in Bay View.

As a certified integrative health coach, Kerri provides compassionate, non-judgmental support while helping clients identify obstacles blocking their pathway to better health and overall wellbeing. She incorporates self-care, breathing practices and stress management tools to help clients increase focus, improve energy and connect to purpose in their life.  

Kerri has more than 25 years of rehabilitation experience, including 15 years as a director of rehab and integrative healing practices. She is a graduate of the University of WI – Milwaukee from the College of Health Sciences and the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing.  Her recent study has been with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Mindfulness/Silent Retreats and Compassion.

Her joy comes from an evolving life with her three boys and husband, mindful exercise, the change of the seasons and exploring possibilities as life unfolds.