Tell me about yourself. Where are you from and what brought you to Milwaukee? When you are not at SPIRE, what else keeps you busy?

I’m a local guy, have been here my whole life. I’m from Cudahy and was a Recreation and Administration Major with a Health Education Minor at UW-Lacrosse.

I love Milwaukee. I’ve been all around the country and really love home. All the festivals and the change of seasons make Milwaukee such a great place. I have a wife and two children – a son and a daughter.

Did / Do you compete in any type of sport or activity?

I have done more than 300 multi-sport events over my career, including three ironman finishes, a couple Triple Ts, numerous marathons and all distances in-between. I’m focused on training for the National Championship in the Olympic Distance held in Milwaukee in August.

What made you decide to become an instructor?

I played collegiate tennis. That was and is my passion – I still love to play any chance I can. After school I started working at Health Club and have been in the industry ever since.