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What is your spirit animal?

So she's technically not an animal, more of a princess. But Mulan. She's pretty BA. A girl who will do anything for the people that she cares about, and always stands up for what she believes in. Andddd she can out perform the boys, what's more fun than that?

What gets you up in the morning? What makes you excited to start your day?

Knowing that I'm helping other people make progress towards their fitness and wellness goals. And knowing that SO many SPIRE members are dedicated to those goals. Some mornings I wake up, and like many of us, would do just about anything to hit snooze, but looking and seeing that there are X many number of people committed to waking up and kicking ass helps me not press that snooze button.


After I was told I couldn't sprint anymore I was heartbroken. It felt like I had lost a part of who I was, I didn't know what to do. Instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself, I joined a ton of clubs and tried different activities to fill my newfound free time. I started going to a cycling studio, I had heard that spinning was able to give me the same cardio benefits as HIIT sprinting would; I instantly fell in love with it. I started just going to classes, and then became a brand rep for the studio on campus, and after about six months trained to become an instructor. I decided that if I could make people leave my class feeling half as good as I did leaving one, I would be able to make a difference in someone's day.


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