Q. How long have you been with SPIRE?

A. It will be a year in August


A. I work at Kohl's Corporate on the Data Analytics team


Q. Where are you from?

A. West Allis  a.k.a Stallis

 Ragnar Trail race in Zion National Park

Q. What's your SPIRE view and why you work here? 

A. From day one, I loved the people at SPIRE, the sense of community, the positive energy, and of course the workouts! I am truly proud to be apart of a business that cultivates positivity, encouragement, and a healthy outlook on fitness. 

Q. Have you always been into fitness? 

A. Yes! I spent many years doing competitive dance and I've always been a runner. After high school I still wanted to  "compete" and have a goal to work towards, so a couple of years ago I started competing in triathlons and even participated in a few marathons. The workouts at SPIRE have been great for cross-training and keep me in shape all year.

 ape of Good Hope- Southern most tip of the African Continent

Q. Your personal upcoming events or challenges

A. I am looking forward to a hiking trip in the North Cascades (Seattle area) with my sisters. We're actually leaving this Tuesday! 

I love traveling, experiencing new cultures, and living outside my comfort zone. I've traveled more internationally than I have in the States. My personal "challenge" is to go to every continent and do it in the next 2 years (by 2020). That being said, I have Australia, South America, and Antarctica on my list of "must go" places. So I guess you could say I have some major trips coming up in the near future! 



Q. Unique something about you we do not know of

A. I was a hairstylist for about 10 years before I switched to the tech industry. I still love doing hair and help with wedding parties occasionally for fun! 

Also, fun fact, If you didn't know this already Clare (your new studio manager) is my sister


Q. When you aren't at spire, what are some of your favorite things to do around mke? 

A. Summer is my favorite time of the year and its nice to see the city come to life after those long cold winters! You can usually find me running on the Oak Leaf Trail, laying out at Bradford Beach, or having a cocktail (or 2) out on a patio somewhere.