Our high energy cycling classes are set to motivating music to help push your body and metabolism out of its comfort zone. Our goal is simple - we want you to forget about how hard you are working, lose yourself in the music, and enjoy the session.

Novices and conditioned athletes can ride side by side, getting what they need from their workout experience. With the lights turned down, the music turned up, and everyone working together, an energy is created that will inSPIRE you to workout to the best of your ability. 

The classes

RHYTHM RIDE, our ride class is going off-road. This class will incorporate everything you love about SPIRE Ride with endless creative moves choreographed to heart-pounding music. You will get a uniquely-inspiring, full body, kick-ass workout in every class. Get ready for a music-driven, sweat-dripping, endorphin-packed workout. Crank. Sweat. Shake. Let it go.

SPIRE RIDE (+), is a musically-driven workout that incorporates hand weight intervals to strengthen and tone your entire body. This 45-minute class leaves nothing untouched -- sculpt your shoulders, tone your arms, tighten your abs and challenge your legs. Let's do this!

SPIRE Terrain Ride, get ready to ride all-terrain! This class will go beyond your typical outdoor ride and provide a new challenge for indoor cyclists. Using music-driven profiles, you’ll tackle bigger hills (mountain status) and longer sprints. Terrain Ride is accessible to beginners, challenging for seasoned athletes, and a great compliment to the range of classes offered at SPIRE. Be prepared to sweat and strengthen your legs, core, and booty!


SPIRE features top-of-the-line Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus bikes supported by a comprehensive power console that tracks all your key stats – watts, speed, RPM, heart rate, and more. 

Traditional athletic shoes or cleated cycling shoes can be worn (SPD or LOOK-style shoe cleats). If you are new to SPIRE, feel free to come in early to get an overview on how to set yourself up properly on the bike. Your first shoe rental is on the house.