Our crew classes are designed to work your full body – legs, back, core and arms – with a revolutionary combination of strength and technique. This workout is designed for all fitness levels, alternating between interval rowing and mat work — get ready to perSPIRE! 

With the music pumping and the sound of the water churning in your rower, the energy created in the room is like nothing else you’ve experienced. 

New to rowing? Not a problem. We’ll help you develop proper technique so you can focus on the workout.  Want to get a head start on learning the basics or rowing? Check out our Rowing 101 blog post

the classes

SPIRE CREWSPIRE's interval, indoor rowing workout, is designed to work your full body – legs, back, core and arms – with a revolutionary combination of strength and technique. Using water-based rowing machines set to motivating music, SPIRE CREW delivers a high-energy, inspirational workout that will improve your cardio and tone your entire body.

SPIRE CREW + TRX, Everything you love about our SPIRE Crew classes combined with TRX strength training!  Our interval, indoor rowing workout is designed to challenge and work your entire body. Between rowing intervals, TRX strength training will leverage your bodyweight to help build strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility. 

SPIRE TEAM CREWWork as a team to row to the finish line! This class will challenge your entire body include your legs, core, back, and lungs. Row as a team, working to keep pace and deliver power. This class will engage your mind, make you sweat, and improve your rowing technique! 

Each class will begin with a form or technique drill to get you moving correctly! From there, row in unison with your teammates as you challenge your cardiovascular endurance. Break personal records with speed and meter tests, and finish class with some friendly competition! Join the crew! Taking three or more regular SPIRE Crew classes is recommended before taking this course.

SPIRE FIRE CREW, Are you ready for rapid fire? This fast-paced class will take you through a series of high-intensity rowing intervals. You'll hit your lowest spilt times and engage in the perfect ratio of work to rest. You'll get 45-minutes of quick blasts of rowing, paired with dynamic strength and plyometric movements. Don't blink! Class will be over before you know it.  

The Results

Get the body you want while improving your endurance, revving your metabolism, and calming your mind. Each stroke on the SPIRE rower works 84% of the muscles in your body without impacting your joints. Build lean muscles, improve posture and strengthen your core all in one movement.  This class will burn up to 600 calories in 45 minutes, torch fat and deliver a true full body workout. 

The Machines

The WaterRower is core to our workout, providing dynamic resistance to target your main muscle groups, increasing resistance as your speed and intensity increase.