MEET YOUR NEW trx/crew program MANAGER - emma


Q. How long have you been with SPIRE?

A. I've been apart of SPIRE for 2.5 years!

Q. Where are you from?

A. Shorewood, WI

Q. What's your SPIRE view and why you work here? 

A. I've always been attracted to the community SPIRE is apart of. The studio is home grown and genuinely fosters a healthy and energetic environment for all athletes. I believe that energy creates energy and I'm grateful to walk into the studio daily and be motivated to move, to smile, to sweat with our incredible community of strong athletes. 

 Ragnar Trail race in Zion National Park

Q. How did you get interested in the fitness industry? 

A. I've been apart of team sports ever since I can remember, from 4 years varsity soccer in High School to Division II Women's Cross Country at Flagler College. During cross training days, I'd go surfing & occasionally hit the rowers or bike in Florida. Our team trainer incorporated TRX into our weekly workouts & I've incorporated some of those training elements into my SPIRE classes today.  After college, I realized I craved being apart of that team atmosphere & I'm grateful to have found & be apart of such an energizing group of athletes at SPIRE. 

 ape of Good Hope- Southern most tip of the African Continent

Q. Your personal upcoming events or challenges

A. I'll be riding in the MACC Fund Trek100 this June! If you want to crush 100 miles on a sunny summer day, let's share the road and join the team! 

Q. Unique something about you we do not know of

A. I have a passion for backpacking and my goal is to backpack all National Parks in the U.S. I've got my eye set on 4 for 2018! 


Q. When you aren't at spire, what are some of your favorite things to do around mke? 

A. Being a sidekick to Momma Earth! I love doing all things outdoors - hiking, biking, kayaking, 'mocking.