SPIRE is a boutique fitness experience that provides high-energy, inspiring workouts while delivering real results. SPIRE is the nation’s first dedicated studio offering indoor cycling, indoor rowing, and strength classes. By combining three of the most effective disciplines, SPIRE provides a complete wellness offering.

Cycling classes

RHYTHM RIDE, Our class is going off-road. This class will incorporate everything you love about SPIRE Ride with endless creative moves choreographed to heart-pounding music. You will get a uniquely-inspiring, full body, kick-ass workout in every class. Get ready for a music-driven, sweat-dripping, endorphin-packed workout. Crank. Sweat. Shake. Let it go.

SPIRE RIDE (+) is a musically-driven workout that incorporates hand weight intervals to strengthen and tone your entire body. This 45-minute class leaves nothing untouched -- sculpt your shoulders, tone your arms, tighten your abs, and challenge your legs. Let's do this!

SPIRE TERRAIN RIDE, get ready to ride all-terrain! This class will go beyond your typical outdoor ride and provide a new challenge for indoor cyclists. Using music-driven profiles, you’ll tackle bigger hills (mountain status) and longer sprints. Terrain Ride is accessible to beginners, challenging for seasoned athletes, and a great compliment to the range of classes offered at SPIRE. Be prepared to sweat and strengthen your legs, core, and booty!

Crew Classes

SPIRE CREWSPIRE's interval, indoor rowing workout, is designed to work your full body – legs, back, core and arms – with a revolutionary combination of strength and technique. Using water-based rowing machines set to motivating music, SPIRE CREW delivers a high-energy, inspirational workout that will improve your cardio and tone your entire body.

SPIRE CREW + TRX, Everything you love about our SPIRE Crew classes combined with TRX strength training!  Our interval, indoor rowing workout is designed to challenge and work your entire body. Between rowing intervals, TRX strength training will leverage your bodyweight to help build strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility. 

SPIRE TEAM CREWWork as a team to row to the finish line! This class will challenge your entire body include your legs, core, back, and lungs. Row as a team, working to keep pace and deliver power. This class will engage your mind, make you sweat, and improve your rowing technique! 

Each class will begin with a form or technique drill to get you moving correctly! From there, row in unison with your teammates as you challenge your cardiovascular endurance. Break personal records with speed and meter tests, and finish class with some friendly competition! Join the crew! Taking three or more regular SPIRE Crew classes is recommended before taking this course.

SPIRE FIRE CREW, Are you ready for rapid fire? This fast-paced class will take you through a series of high-intensity rowing intervals. You'll hit your lowest spilt times and engage in the perfect ratio of work to rest. You'll get 45-minutes of quick blasts of rowing, paired with dynamic strength and plyometric movements. Don't blink! Class will be over before you know it.  

Strength Classes

SPIRE TRX, Looking for an effective strength offering that doesn't involve weights? Get toned and lose weight in this all levels strength class. Develop and maintain a rock-solid core. Achieve a total body cardio and strength training workout in under an hour. Our TRX classes will increase your flexibility and endurance and help you reach whatever goal you're working towards.

SPIRE TRX + TBT, Prepare yourself for SPIRE TRX with a twist! This is a combination class that mixes our suspension-based training system with movements from our Total Body Tone class! This class will include isometric holds, barre moves, tabata intervals and focused on strengthening your core. You are going to feel the burn as you tuck, lift, plank, push, and pull yourself to a more toned physique.

SPIRE TRX CORE EXPRESS, Get in a quick 20-minute core workout using the most effective equiptment on the market. TRX is all core, all the time. This class is great if you are short on time or a great add-on to take before or after another SPIRE class. 

SPIRE TRX + RIP, Combine your two favorite tools, the TRX Rip Trainer and TRX Suspension Trainer. Work in two groups alternating between the Rip Trainer and Suspension Trainer. This class is for anyone looking to strengthen their core, improve rotational power and increase their cardiovascular endurance. Must attend the SPIRE TRX + Rip Training Intro class before joining class. 


SPIRE FIRE (HIIT), Tackle 45-minutes of high intensity interval training in our SPIRE Fire class. This class will include all of your SPIRE favorites including, rowing, running, cycling, outdoor sessions, TRX training, strength training, and more. Keep your heart rate high while cycling through multiple dynamic strength and cardio exercises. Be prepared to mix it up, get our of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself! 


Get ready for cardio workout that will combine a mix of kickboxing, simple strength moves, and plyometrics movements, set to heart-pounding music that will leave you drenched in sweat! This class will incorporate real kickboxing moves with proper form and technique to burn calories, get sculpted, and most importantly HAVE FUN —no bags or gloves necessary. Be prepared to jump, kick, punch, squat, and SWEAT!