FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

How do I reserve a seat for a friend?

All SPIRE class attendees are required to create a client account and complete a liability wavier before attending class. New clients can create an account online here. Once an account has been created, you can reserve a seat for a friend by following the directions below.

1. Log into your MINDBODY account here.

2. Go to the "Schedule" Tab.

3. Select the class you would like to attend with your guest.

4. On the make a reservation page, change the radio button to "Someone Else".

5. Complete the form and your guest will be all set to go.


What shoes work with our bikes?

Traditional athletic shoes or cleated cycling shoes can be worn (SPD or LOOK Delta-style shoe cleats). If you are new to SPIRE, come in early to get an overview on how to set yourself up properly on the bike. Your first shoe rental is on the house.


Where can I order my own pair of cycling shoes?

You can rent cycling shoes at the front desk for $2 per use. We also sell Shimano Cycling shoes with cleats and installation for $130. Shoes typically take 5-7 business days to receive. 


How am I charged for shoe rentals, water, and other small ticket items?

When you purchase small ticket items at SPIRE (waters, energy drinks, shoe rentals) we place the charges on your account. Monthly we review these charges and charge the card on file for these items collectively. You can review your account charges by logging into your account and clicking the “purchases” tab.


How does your late cancellation/no show policy work?

In order to provide the greatest access to classes for our clients and in the interest of fairness, we enforce a strict cancelation policy. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, You acknowledge that you have read and understand the Our Cancelation Policy.

In order to cancel a SPIRE Fitness class, you must cancel your reservation four hours before your scheduled evening classes (any class with a start time after 11:59 AM) AND you must cancel your reservation ten hours before your scheduled morning classes (any class with a start time before 11:59 AM). You can cancel your reservation in the following ways:
1.      Login to your MindBody account on our SPIRE Fitness application or website and press “Unreserve”

2.    Call SPIRE Fitness and have us cancel the class for you. (414) 219-9118

For classes canceled less than four hours before evening class and less than ten hours before morning classes, a late cancellation fee of $10 will be charged to your account. All no shows will be charged a fee of $19. If you do not have a card on file for such transactions, the class will be deducted from your package.

How do I cancel a class?

There are several ways you can late cancel. The easiest and most effective way is to cancel your reservation online.

1.         Login to your MINDBODY account on our SPIRE Fitness application or website and press “Unreserve”

2.         Email us at

3.    Call SPIRE Fitness and have us cancel the class for you. (414) 219-9118

When canceling your classes please confirm your cancellation has been processed. If you are signed up for email reminders and notifications, you will receive an email confirming your cancellation. If you have not received an email, call or email the studio to confirm.


What if I am running late? Can I still attend class?

For riders running late: We ask that you call the studio to let us know that you are on the way. The front desk will hold your reservation. If you do not call to let us know you are on your way, in fairness to our riders, bikes will be released five minutes before class begins. However, five-minutes after the class has started you will not be allowed to enter the studio.  This is both for your safety and the enjoyment and focus of other riders. First-time riders/rowers will not be allowed to join class after class has begun.


I need to leave early. Will that be a problem?

If you're planning on leaving early, we kindly request that you tell the instructor ahead of time. Please leave before the final stretch so it doesn’t disrupt class. If possible, please choose a bike, rower or mat near the door so as to minimize any potential disturbance to others. If you plan to leave more than 7-8 minutes before class ends, please forgo attending that class.


What is the waitlist policy?

If your preferred class time is completely booked, we highly recommend placing yourself on the waitlist. As spots open up, they are assigned to waitlisted clients in the order in which they registered. Please purchase a class or package before signing up on the waitlist. The class will be returned to your account for future use if you are not added into class. We do not provide refunds for SPIRE Fitness class purchases.

If a spot becomes available, you will receive notification from SPIRE Fitness via email confirming your automatic enrollment (note:  please check your SPIRE account to be sure your email address is correct). You also have the option to enroll in text message reminders. Ask the front desk for more information.

If you are no longer interested in a class for which you are on the waitlist, please remove yourself from the waitlist (online or by emailing the studio at to avoid a late cancellation charge of $10 or losing your credit.

Class reservations cannot be interchanged. If you are scheduled for one class and receive a spot from a waitlisted class, please cancel one of them at least 4 hours prior to the class start time for evening classes and 10 hours prior to the class start time for morning classes to avoid being double charged.
Walk-ins are welcome. Should any last-minute spots open up prior to the start of class, we will gladly offer them to any walk-ins. Your account will be charged upon confirmation of a spot in class.

You will be charged a $19 no show fee for holding a waitlist spot should you receive one and not show up for class. Please note the waitlist is no longer applicable 4 hours prior to the class start of evening classes and 10 hours prior to the class start of morning classes. Keep checking our website for last minute openings. Class availability can be viewed online.  


MINDBODY is a scheduling system that allows clients to sign up for classes. Once you have a class pack or monthly unlimited, using MINDBODY allows you to easily sign up for classes online or through the MINDBODY Connect App. New clients can create an account online here. To sync your MINDBODY Account to MINDBODY Connect please follow the directions below.


How do I sync my MINDBODY Account with the MINDBODY Connect App?

You are able to schedule SPIRE classes through MINDBODY Connect. You can download the app for Android phones here or for iPhones here.

To Schedule classes you will need to create an account with MINDBODY Connect and then sync your app with our studio. You can sync your information by following the steps below.

1. Click "My Info."

2. Click the three lines with circles in them in the top right.

3. Under Sync Accounts, click "sync your MINDBODY account or resend activation email".

4. You should receive an email from MINDBODY, open that email.

5. Search for "SPIRE Fitness".

6. Type in yourSPIRE email and password.

7. Click Sync.

This should connect your app to your account with us. If you have any issues please let us know and we can assist with the set up process!


I am from out of town and want to attend class, what is the best way to register?

We ask that all clients create an online account. New clients can create an account online here.  The cost of a single class is $20. We also have weekend and day passes available. We ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes before class begins to get set-up and answer any questions you may have.


Can I sign up for classes unpaid?

We require all reservations to be paid in advance in order to reserve a seat in any SPIRE Fitness class.


How are contracts set up?

We offer a handful of automatic payment contracts online and at the studio. These contracts automatically renew (unless otherwise noted). To cancel, notify SPIRE in writing at at least seven days in advance of the new cycle.


How do I terminate my contract?

Please email us at seven days prior to your next billing date if you would like to terminate your contract. Please note termination fees will apply for early terminations.


I'm new to spire's classes, will I be able to handle it?

Yes! In each of our classes, the difficulty is at your discretion. We strongly encourage you to take classes regularly to build a solid physical base and an intellectual understanding of each discipline.

For the SPIRE RIDE indoor cycling workout, you have control over the resistance knob on your bike. Only you can adjust it. Our instructors will inSPIRE you to push yourself in class. Ultimately you choose your resistance and how hard you want to push yourself that day. Our bikes are equipped with an advanced console that will measure your watts, speed, distance, RPM, heart rate and more. That information will be for you to see only so you can monitor your workout. If you want to go all out, the good news is that you are on an indoor bike and won't have to walk home!

For the SPIRE CREW indoor rowing workout, our water-based rower uses a unique WaterFlywheel which mimics the dynamic resistance of a boat gliding across the water. This provides a smooth pull and a soothing, wave-like sound. Just like rowing on water, resistance increases as your speed and intensity increases. Our rowers are equipped with a monitor that will measure your watts, speed, stroke rate, total distance and more. That information will be for you to see only so you can monitor your workout. You choose your own pace and enjoy the power of water, all without getting wet!

For SPIRE TRX, we recommend taking a SPIRE TRX Intro class before attending a regular SPIRE TRX or SPIRE TRX + Crew class. This class will break down the basic movements and help you better understand proper form. Don’t see an intro class you can attend? Request one by emailing us at

Our "Team Crew" and "TRX + Rip" classes are not recommended for new clients. We offer and TRX + Rip Intro classes (see schedule here) and encourage clients to take 3+ SPIRE Crew classes before jumping into a Team Crew Class for the best experience.


What should I wear?

Something you are not afraid to perSPIRE in! Comfortable clothes are key. For our cycling classes, we recommend spandex, tight-fitting pants/shorts or padded cycling shorts for the best ride.


When should I arrive?

If you are new to SPIRE, we recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before class to get set up on the equipment and acquainted with our studio. We ask that all class participants arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class, as we will be giving spots away to wait-listed members.


How do I update my credit card information?

You can update your billing information in a matter of seconds. Here's all you need to do:

1. Go here.

2. Log in.

3. Click the "My Info" Tab.

4. The middle column will say "billing information."

5. Edit your billing information and add your credit card information.

6. Save your information.


I am not going to be able to attend classes and would like to freeze my account.

We allow clients to freeze their monthly contracts due to vacations, injury, illness or other personal commitments for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of three months. Accounts can only be frozen with pricing options that have recurring monthly payments (3-month contracts, 6-month contracts, or 12-month contracts). There is a $40.00 fee associated with freezing your account.

If you would like to freeze your account please email us at with the following items.

1. The reason you need your account frozen. 

2. Start date for freeze.

3. Approval to charge your credit card the $40.00 freeze fee.

4. End date of freeze.

Accounts will be frozen and access to classes will be restricted during your membership freeze.   

Can I share my classes WITH a family member?

Yes. We do allow class package sharing for family members. We do not allow the sharing of monthly unlimited memberships. If you would like to share your class package with another person please email us at or ask for assistance at the front desk.